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1) Briefing, Recruiting Strategy

The recruiting strategy begins with an intensive exchange of information between the client and Humarca:

- Analysis of the company market. positioning, goals. strategy. organisational development - Cultural environment. "soft" factors

- Definition of vacant position, discussion & definition of job profile

- Definition of recruiting strategy, stipulation of contact persons. confirmation

2) Candidate search

The actual recruiting process starts with an active search of talents

- Active search of candidates using industry contact network

- Media plan in consultation with client (ads with or without client logo) - Initial screening (review of CVs)

- Invitation of potentially successful candidates to interview

3) Evaluation

This is where your Humarca partner's industry experience really shines:
his/her methodical psychological insights are complemented by comprehensive industry knowledge, allowing him/her to evaluate

candidates with an insider's perspective.

- Presentation of the client's company and the target positron, rules of confidentiality - CV analysis (semi-structured)

- Aptitude lest: skills / knowledge. behavioural tendencies. motivators

- Initial screening (decision), (election or preparation for interview with client

4) Presentation, Placement

The Humarca partner presents the pre-screened top candidates to the client. In the week prior to the scheduled appointment, the client receives the candidates' original CVs with a clear, succinct summary. 
- Invitation to meet the client

- Interview and evaluation by the client: selection of 1 to 3 final candidates

- If required by the customer graphological analysis. references - report

- Employment contract with successful applicant 

5) Succes – Follow up

The work of your Humarca partner does not end with the appointment of the successful candidate! 
- Follow-up client/candidate satisfaction

- If required: Humarca offers support to solve potential problems before they arise

- Expericence of a long-term partnership 

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