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Terms & Conditions 

General Humarca GmbH recruits managers and highly qualified specialists for manufacturers of branded goods and proprietary brands, trading and sales companies as well as providers of packaging materials, raw products and semi-finished products and industry-specific IT solutions. The partners of Humarca GmbH are independent entrepreneurs who represent their own companies in all of their business activities. They present themselves on the market as “Humarca Partners” under the corporate identity of Humarca GmbH.



We would be pleased to provide you with a binding contractual offer adapted to your recruiting project. Depending on the difficulty of the assignment, our basic fee amounts to 18 to 25% of the gross annual salary of the position holder sought. The prices offered do not include VAT. The partner’s customary expenses are included in the agreed fee. Special expenses, such as those incurred by foreign travel, are not included and shall be agreed where necessary with the client in advance. Advertisements shall be invoiced separately, likewise after prior agreement with the client. Should a contract result in more than 1 candidate being appointed, the fee for the 2nd and each subsequent position filled shall be reduced by 33%.

Payment terms 

1/3 of the fee is due at each of the following times: at the time the commission is confirmed, after introducing at least 2 candidates who fulfil the agreed requirement profile and after an employment contract has been signed with the successful candidate. Invoices are due after 30 days.


Should the candidate recruited under the terms of the contract leave the client firm within the first three months of his own accord, the responsible Humarca Partner shall recruit a replacement free of charge: only expenses will be recharged to the client in this case. No other liability is accepted.

Consulting commissions 
If requested, we also support our clients in processing strategic and organisational projects. Within the framework of a recruiting contract this is – within usual limits – included in the agreed fee. Consulting contracts as part of or in addition to a recruiting commission are invoiced in accordance with the "Recommendations for Fees and Expenses" published by Asco (Association of Management Consultants Switzerland).

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